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Established in 1999, Guangzhou Romance Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented enterprise integrated with research and development, manufacturing and sales. After 20 years of development, Romance now has 8 modernized self-owned buildings with workshop area covering about 30000m2. It's one of the influential musical instrument strings and accessories manufacturers around the globe.

 In the factory there are 5 buildings with standard workshops; 12 professional production lines of musical instrument strings; 8 lines of instrument accessories; 16 lines of string material processing: copper plating, silver plating, tin plating, nickel plating, wire drawing and annealing, etc. All of these are supported by a warehouse center of 5000m2.

The production is executed by more than 1000 machines, of which over 90% are automated, more than 85% are designed and built by Romance. The most typical are double-layered automated wire winders for guitar strings, bass strings, bowed instruments strings, traditional Chinese instrument strings; automated ball-end fixers, hexagonal core rollers, automated fret wire cutters and nylon extruders, etc.




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